Thank you for your interest in my company. Your visit to our website means you must be one of the following; a customer, a vendor, an employee, a friend, or someone “interested”. Regardless of which category you fit in, your interest is welcomed and appreciated.

Southwestern Supply Company (S2) is a unique business in the Arizona Fleet MRO market. First and above all, we credit our success/survival to our Lord Jesus Christ. In all business relationships, we do our best to follow His example. It is our belief in the “Golden Rule” that conceived the idea of the Customer Bill of Rights. Our Customer Bill of Rights, which you can find listed in our website, briefly explains the expectations all buyers of industrial supplies should expect from their vendors. From my years in the business, S2 exceeds all other competitors in their ability to provide the customer his/her Bill of Rights!

S2 is blessed with a diverse clientele which includes Auto/Truck Dealerships, various size/types of fleet accounts, and a growing number of government accounts. In this rough and tough economy, our adaptability to customers’ changing needs has been rewarded with loyalty and increased business. The increased business is the result of smart buyers consolidating their MRO purchases to a single vendor. Increased business has also come from the many referrals we’ve received from loyal, pleased customers. The customers’ confidence in S2 is received with gracious humility and it motivates us to work harder. I hope it shows in our work.

Thanks again for your interest in Southwestern Supply Company.

Mary L. Douglas
Corporate President/Owner



S2 is an Arizona Corporation pending certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).