FasTrack Web Benefits

FasTrack Web Benefits

The purpose of Southwestern Supply Company (S2) is to be your single source solution for shop essentials. S2 guarantees consistent high quality service. Always at a reasonable price so inventory (small parts) remains manageable and affordable.


  • Ability to quickly and easily create professional, itemized, supplemental invoices for submission to insurance carriers to recover the cost of fasteners used in vehicle repair.
  • Access to the S2 dbase of over 10,000 collision repair fasteners with accurate, real-time updated OEM number cross-reference and OEM price base information.
  • Immediate access to new collision repair items as S2 adds to its extensive coverage.
  • The ability to add any “non-S2” item (tape, body-filler,…) to your personal dbase for easy billing to the insurance carrier.
  • The login will be good for one full year from the time it’s started. During that year, the user will automatically get all updates and program enhancements.
  • Recent enhancements to FasTrack include the addition of several new reports: Shop profit and loss, technician usage, printed and unprinted invoice data. Coming soon will be inventory control reports.
  • Recent enhancement includes the option to print the OEM part number with the OEM list price.
  • Bar code scanning functionality is now available as an option with the purchase of a bar code scanner. However, this is recommended for shops with parts supervision. Recent scanner improvements allow the end user to send scanned data directly to FasTrack software (w/ wireless application) eliminating the need to go through the “docking procedure”.

FasTrack, signing up is easy! Please use the button and we will email your credentials to you!

CCC Pathways:

CCC Pathways is the Market Leader when it comes to estimating software and S2 is pleased that their users now have the option of selecting S2 Fasteners when creating an estimate with the CCC Pathways System. This gives you access to over 5,000 S2 fasteners with OEM listings. The combination of the industry’s premier estimating system with S2’s large selection of repair hardware and specialty fasteners is an unbeatable combination.

S2 Added Amenities:

  • Personal Account Representative
  • Double Control on Stock Orders
  • Stock delivered with priced tickets. Gives buyer flexibility to change order w/out additional paperwork.
  • Uniquely qualified to solve the difference between “rush” and “stock” orders.
  • Obsolete Inventory Credit.